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Team. Others. Dropped.

Jim Hawkins
Here's the best part, he loves you more than his own life. Now here's the worst part, he loves you so much more than his own life

<3 <3 His boyfriend and best friend. They are partners and have each others backs. Like the rest of the group, Jim is part of the reason Zell can still smile in Snowhell. They laugh, joke, and chat together a lot. It's the first time he can act his own age around another peer. They became fast friends, and Zell may even consider him one of his best friends.
The line is starting to blur and muddle. His heart picks up every time he's near Jim. He's not sure when the crush started, but he knows ever since Jim's death, he's been reaching for his friend's hand more and more.
After knowing Jim for almost forty days, their feelings bubbled over and Zell told him how he felt around him.
They started a relationship and thanks to Jim, Zell is starting to picture an actual future for himself. He's his compass and his Stars. He's going to stay by Jim's side and is starting to hope that he can for months and even years from now.

Zack Fair
Zell might be slow about some things, but he can see how much Zack places on his shoulders (probably the same amount of scars on his body and heart). It's easy to forget there is only five years between them, because Zack has been through a lot. Zell trusts Zacks's opinions and will follow most of his orders without question. He knows Zack is looking out for the group as best as he can.

He's Zack's babysitter/partner/best friend. He's starting to become family.
The second person he'll go to for puzzling things out in the group. Zell trusts Kunsel's opinion and knows he can talk to him about Zack's secrets.
Are Kunsel and Zack dating? ~*~It's a mystery~*~

Tadashi's legacy.
Best cat. Probably the only one who beats Jim when it comes to getting Zell's affection.
cr table by iheartunicorns

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