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Name:Zell Dincht
Birthdate:Mar 17

Quite a lively fellow

A fellow SeeD who works alongside Squall and Selphie. Though he appears to be a comic-relief hot-blooded goof at first, he is actually a highly competent soldier with a deep knowledge of world history and a lot of integrity, quickly proving that he will do anything for his friends. In many ways, he is in fact the most secure and confident of the whole group. He uses no weapon in battle, preferring instead to use martial arts.


#do not fuck with a man who can punch trains like that

"Once upon a time, a sassy brunet with a big heart met a dramatic blond with no chill. They fell in love. Shit happened and I cried. The end. Which ship am I talking about?"

Interests (10):

100 hot dogs, 90's fashion, block people, card games, chickens, flavored bread, hair gel, hot dogs, pants pulled up to the waist, swatting flies
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